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Posted on Monday, September 24, 2012 by LaurenJoan

Alice (right) and Joanie B. (left) - Milpitas Library Chick-brari-ens.Back home to Milpitas, back to work - Joanie B. and Alice spent a busy day at the Milpitas Library - storytime in the morning, reference desk all afternoon...its all good, but still...

Alice: I'm sure missing New York...the excitement of sighting chickens and other celebrities at any time in the city, the pizza, the cupcakes..the sounds of sirens--day and night...

Joanie B: I wish I could be going The Village...East Village...West Village..wraawwk - even the Lower East Side....downtown like Petula Clark crows...

Alice: I remember the cool places we'd meet up with our kind - chickens in SoHo - across from 72 Spring Street (big coop of Marc Jacobs) - at Pylones..."Founded in France in 1985, Pylones (pronounced pea-lone), delights consumers everywhere with thoughtful designs and innovative twists on everyday objects." 

 Chickens of Pylones from the French Store in SoHo

 Ahhh..The Chickens of  Pylones...

Joanie B: ...Chickens in fancy places all over the Village...

Chickens in fancy stores on Spring Street in SoHo



 Chickens of the Lower East Side - history!


Alice: Chickens in the Lower East Side - part of history.... 


Joanie B: Just walking round the corner and finding - our favorite color - PINK! 







 Alice: Braawwk! I miss the PIZZA the most - John's Pizza on Bleecker Street- a large cheese pie with salad to share...hmmm hm.


Joanie B: I took a picture of the Wimpy Kid - he likes John's Pizza! 



 Alice: Then strolling down Bleecker Street to the corner of West heaven...

 Magnolia Bakery!!!


Joanie: Vanilla Buttercream....

Alice:  Chook Chook Chocolate Buttercream...then roosting at Bleecker Street Park - having our cake and eating too...ahhhh. 




Notes from Laurenjoan:

Well aren't we lucky to have such a fantastic library - cause anywhere you wanna go - you can find it here - all in the comfort of your own coop!  New York schmmoooo York - Alice and Joanie B. have it all right here!


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