Chicken Mis-Adventures and Sailor Dreams, Part 1

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 by LaurenJoan

Ahhh the adventure and romance of fashion in New York City that was ahead for two chicks of Chicken Fashion Nation blogging...

Laurenjoan:  Alice and Joanie B. got lucky on their flight to NYC - they had a free middle seat between them! So when they arrived in the Bawk Apple for the Independent Fashion Bloggers (ifb) Conference, they thought they were on easy street....oh, silly chickens!

Alice the Chicken


Alice: We're on a baawk - budget.  No taxi rides, Joanie B, it's the subway fo us.  Let's take the A train -- just $2.25 to Manhattan.New York Subway - the A train


 Joanie B: Rrrawk! The Jane Hotel on Jane Street awaits!




Laurenjoan: Alice and Joanie B. forgot it was Saturday - a slooooow train day....and a looong time later - the A train pulled up to 14th Street Station on 8th Avenue.

Joanie B: There's an elevator - hold the door!

Alice:  Hold your beak, you mean - whooo weeee, it stinks in here.

Laurenjoan:  Someone should have warned them about subway elevators and what some people use them for....

Joanie B: What you have to put up with if you don't want to lug your suitcase up the stairs.

Laurenjoan: Alice and Joanie B. blinked at the bright sunlight when they hopped out of the elevator.

Alice: Yowww - humid and hot - my feathers are starting to curl. (Alice looked at her smart phone) 89 degrees in New York City! Omgoodness...

Joanie B: Let's cross the road.

Alice: Why do we have to cross the road?

Joanie  B: to get to the other side - where it's shady - brawk!  Now..ahoy - there's Horatio Street ...turn right next street on to... JANE -

Alice: I see the Hudson River..and 113 Jane Street ahead...thar she blows - the Hotel Jane!  Our coop away from coop...

 Current photo of the Jane Hotel



The Jane Hotel was once upon a time a home for sailors lost in the city between sailing jobs - the ASFSS -

                                                Photo of the American Seaman Institute - The Jane Hotel - from 100 years ago

The American Seaman's Friend Society Sailors' Home and Institute was built from 1906-'08 and was designed by William Alciphron Boring, the architect behind the immigration station at Ellis Island. The ASFSS Home was where the survivors of the Titanic stayed in 1912...


 Bellhop at The Jane Hotel - how may I help you?

Joanie B: woooo, it looks like a giant lighthouse..



The girls dragged their suitcases up the stairs - bump, bump, bumpity, bump! no elevator in the outside rigging.  As they pushed their way into the lobby, suddenly they were squawking back in time and pecking at a Bellhop - who did not look happy..yikes...

(End of Part 1)

Laurenjoan:  Alice and Joanie B. had finally made it to New York and - finally - to their coop away from coop - The Jane Hotel...where Titanic survivors stayed...but would Alice and Joanie B. survive to tell about it?  Click in next time to find out - in the meantime - you might want to try these amazing resources for more information:

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