Just Ask Alice and Joanie B--November is Family Literacy Month so Celebrate with Family Games!

Posted on Friday, October 26, 2012 by LaurenJoan

 November is Family Literacy Month—Celebrate with Family Games Celebrations at the SCCLD Libraries...

Family Games Celebrations in November at SCCLD Libraries




 ...Just Ask












Joanie B.

 Joanie B.

About It....


Laurenjoan:  Alice and Joanie B. purveyors of Chicken Fashion Nation stared beady eyed at each other as kids, chicks, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas - flocked around the library coop, reading and clucking about November – yes – November is …

    Suddenly, Alice swept her wing out and squawked:  Old Maid!

Joanie B. bawked out:  nuh uh..

Alice:  Battleship!

Joanie B: wraawwk – what?!

Alice: How about…U-NO….ahh…

Joanie B: blaaak.

Alice: … ahhh, Clue?

   Joanie B. rolled her eyes.

Alice:  Sorry?

   Joanie B. spun around.

Alice: Twister?

   Joanie B. glared and shook, shook her head.

Alice: It’s WAR?

   Her chicken beak parted, Joanie B, smiled.

Alice: Scrabble ... or ... or.... Go Fish!

Joanie B. jumped and shouted...

Joanie B:  BINGO!  Ha-ah – you forgot that Bingo’s my favorite feathered family board game to play.

Alice crossed her wings:  Some Memory Game...hmmphf.

Joanie B: Checkers, mate!  I always win – cause I’m the boss in this Game of Life.

Celebrate with Family Games!


Notes from Laurenjoan:  

Come on along, come on in – all families are invited to SCCLD libraries for Family Game Celebrations as we celebrate November Family Literacy Month.   Spend time together, have fun learning and laugh together– create sweet memories and new family stories all by playing board games at the library!  Board games hold a secret magic elixir that can last throughout the years and through generations, in fact -

5 Things Games Teach Your Family

1. That family togetherness is very important.

2. Life skills such as concentration and perseverance.

3. How to strategize and be thoughtful about our choices.

3. To play fairly with others and help each other out.

4. Reasoning, math, spelling, and hand-eye coordination.

5. How to win and lose gracefully!

It’s that simple… and did you know that at Family Game Celebrations, families can sign up for a library card and bring home wonder-filled books to share? Woo-hoo!  Don’t you love it?  November is Family Literacy Month and its Family Stories Month—playing games is telling stories is reading is sharing is holding is loving—WOW-- the building blocks for strong, happy, healthy families and individuals… what more could you ask for? Why a schedule of course!  Just look at the top of this post for a list of Family Games Celebrations at SCCLD libraries.









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