Zombie Alert! Milpitas Chickens Go Gangnam Style

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2012 by LaurenJoan

Milpitas Gangnam Style

   Hey Zombie Lady!

Alice and Joanie B. love that Gangnam Style by Psy - thanks to the SCCLD and Freegal - they were able to download and keep a copy - wooo hooo!  So when the Milpitas High Undead Academy stopped by it was Gangnam Style - but...WRaAaaWWkK-- ZOMBIE ALERT !!

Alice watched the Gangnam Zombies and turned to Joanie B - aaacccckkkk ! 

Joanie B. had transformed into....

Alice pecked furiously at the computer - back to Freegal - we need - Mitch Miller's rendition of You Are My Sunshine - FAST !

Yikes!  Alice had already downloaded her 3 songs of the week -
1. Gangnam Style by Psy,
2.  YMCA by the Village People, and  
3. (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Bootie by K. C. and the Sunshine Band!

Alice is an ever-ready librari-hen - she immediately checked the SCCLD catalog and there she found --

50 All-American Favorites

50 All-American Favorites

 Phew - she had the anti-dote to chicken zombie gangnam style! Mitch Miller and the Gang- 50 All-American Favorites --

Alice cranked up her boom-box with the cd - strains of You Are My Sunshine electrified the air.  Kazooww! Joanie B. was back and in the feather, albeit a little molted, but she was back!

Joanie B not a zombie, just molting

Notes from Laurenjoan:

So the Undead Academy descended upon the Milpitas Library and out comes Gangnam Style with Zombies!  The video was made by local Milpitas High School students on site at the Milpitas Library. We were invaded for a few afternoons with zombies and video cameras. A special shout-out to Jonathan To for taking up the challenge and directing and editing! Check out Jonathan's Youtube channel: Mushuyouhungry .

Ah, FREEGAL, yes it is free with any SCCLD library membership. Any member can download - for free - up to 3 songs per week. Check it out, here. Just sign up with your library card and pin, easy - smeasy!

You can also try some music streaming - on our website at: Streaming Music

SCCLD has an excellent collection of music on CD, as well - you name it, we've probably got it at one or more of our libraries. Stop by and browse or check out some searching on the catalog.

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