A Turkey Trot?! What About a Chicken Run?

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by LaurenJoan

Turkey Trot Champ! Alice and Joanie B. are soooo jealous - of turkeys this time of year. Alice: Turkeys get all of the attention. Turkey this, turkey that - and now a Turkey Trot? Joanie B: Ha! Chickens can outrun a trotting turkey every time. Alice: Yeah - see for yourself - is it a Chicken Run or is it a Turkey Trot? Play and watch both videos . . . more »

It's Movember - Where's Your Mustache?

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by LaurenJoan

Mustaches for elected office On the night of the Presidential Election, two chickens, two dogs and a cat walked into the local Milpitas comfort food hang-out, The Omega Family Restaurant, looking for some all-day breakfast food and election results. Their eyes were glued on the television overhead as they waited for their short stacks and bacon to arrive. . . just then a heavily mustached reporter appeared on the . . . more »

Zombie Alert! Milpitas Chickens Go Gangnam Style

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2012 by LaurenJoan

Milpitas Gangnam Style Hey Zombie Lady! Alice and Joanie B. love that Gangnam Style by Psy - thanks to the SCCLD and Freegal - they were able to download and keep a copy - wooo hooo! So when the Milpitas High Undead Academy stopped by it was Gangnam Style - but...WRaAaaWWkK-- ZOMBIE ALERT !! Alice watched the Gangnam Zombies and turned to Joanie B - . . . more »