Library Chickens on the Run: Bookmobiling it to the Food Truck Stop in Milpitas

Posted on Monday, August 27, 2012 by LaurenJoan

Once upon a time four Chickens set out on a new adventure on the Book! Book! Mobile.



 Alice,    Joanie B.,








Fluffy    and    Nugget 





took a ride on the Book! Book! Mobile to the Food Truck Stop in Milpitas at the Big Lots parking lot. A couple of dancing librarians, Amytha and Laurenjoan, came along too. Little did they know what was in store for them...

It was a hot August afternoon, Wednesday, August 15 --

Our first stop: The BIG COOP - Santa Clara Library District Headquarters, home to the Bookmobile.  Alice, Joanie B. and Laurenjoan had their Library Outreach Survival Kit ready with storytime flyers, bookmarks, mood pencils, and some more exciting library handouts as they went in search of their cohorts - Amytha, Fluffy and Nugget - sitting broody in the nest, deep inside the HQ Coop.

Joanie B:  BAWK! Fluffy! Nugget! did you get the big, blue tablecloth for displaying our handouts (and the Santa Clara County Library name)?

Fluffy and Nugget shrugged their wings and pecked at Amytha.

Amytha: OUCH! Yes, I got the tablecloth and the table too.  Come on, let's go!




   Amytha was sooo excited to drive the Bookmobile...







 the Food Trucks in Milpitas,




 ...especially the -
That's Sweet! Dessert and Cupcake Truck:






Fluffy's favorite cupcake: Frenchtoast & Bacon.
Nugget's: Chocolate.

Alice and Joanie B. are watching their girlish figures - so they shared a Maple Chocolate Bacon.

Once the cupcake crumbs were pecked up, the girls got ready:

Joanie B: Ready to reach-out with outreach? Handouts, Fluffy?

Fluffy: Handouts, check!

Joanie B: Big, blue tablecloth, Nugget?

Nugget: Big, blue tablecloth - Chick! I mean - check!

Joanie B: Mood pencils ready for free give away, Alice?

Alice picked up  a blue mood pencil with her beak.  It changed to the color white!

Alice: Mmmphaa...

Alice spit the pencil out of her mouth.

Alice: Mood pencils--- ready!

Joanie B: Bookmobile ready? books ready? library cards ready, Amytha and Laurenjoan?

Amytha: Check, check,

Laurenjoan: check!

All the chicks:  Woo HOOOO! We're ready ---


The DJ was revving up the music - some good 80s stuff bouncin' out the speakers...







...when Don Phillips, Teen Librarian at Milpitas Library, stopped by to check out the Bookmobile and eat some dinner.







The handouts were looking pretty on the big, blue tablecloth.









Then - Alice, Joanie B, Fluffy and Nugget couldn't believe their eyes!

Joanie B:  Amytha and Laurenjoan stop dancing to the DJ's music.  BAWK!!!  Look busy, like you're workin' -   here comes one of the Big Bosses -




 OMGoodness - it's Derek Wolfgram, DEPUTY County Librarian.











He had stopped at the Cupcake Truck and was headed their way....







Just in the nick -  a patron walked up with a reference question - phew! The girls were saved from embarrassment...this time.

Happily, Derek was well fed, even though he missed out on the bacon cupcakes (sold out). He was in a very good mood when he picked up his mood pencil -- whoa -- look at those colors!

As the sun began to set, Alice, Joanie B., Fluffy and Nugget hopped into the Bookmobile - time to roost for the night. 

Nugget:  That was sure fun!

Joanie B, Alice, and Fluffy clucked in happy agreement.




Notes from Laurenjoan:

Thanks to the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce for inviting the SCCLD Bookmobile to the Food Truck event.  The Gourmet Food Trucks stop every Wednesday at the Big Lots parking lot from 5 to 9 pm. For more information about this fun (and tasty) on-going event, click here.

 To read more about the Bookmobile's Food Truck event - read this.

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