Essay & Poetry Contest for Cupertino Residents

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Cupertino Teens & Adults - Show off your writing ability and win cash prizes!

Bookcover - The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing To Our BrainsBookcover - Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour BookstoreThe Cupertino Library Foundation invites adult and teen Cupertino residents to enter an Essay or Poetry Contest focused on the themes of Silicon Valley Reads 2014.

Submit your entry by Monday, March 17


Essay Contest

Write an original essay up to 500  words in length on the subject "Is technology changing the way you read and access information? Is this bad or good?"

  • Grand Prize - $500 each (2 winners - 1 adult, 1 teen)
  • 2nd Place Prize -  $300 each (2 winners - 1 adult, 1 teen)

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See 2014 Essay Contest Rules for eligibility.

Poetry Contest

Write a poem using one of these three approaches:

  1. Write a poem about reading, writing, poetry, books and how one of these (or more) is made new by the use of technology or in the age of technology
  2. Write a poem using technology as part of the process. Use hyperlinks, video, photos or music as part of the poem’s form
  3. Write a poem from the point of view of a piece of technology: a phone, a computer, a game, a robot, a television, etc. What does technology think about human nature?
  • Grand Prize - $350 each (3 winners - 1 adult, 1 high school student, 1 middle school student
  • 2nd Place Prize - $200 each (3 winners - 1 adult, 1 high school student, 1 middle school student)

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See 2014 Poetry Contest Rules for eligibility.

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