Blu-Ray Is Here

Posted on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 by LibraryAdministration

Blu-ray disc logo

You asked for Blu-ray and we listened! Blu-ray is the next-generation format for high definition video.*

With hundreds of titles to choose from, and many more on the way, experience high definition films in all their glory with Blu-ray movies. Just type “Blu-ray" in our catalog or limit your catalog search to the Blu-ray disc format under "Movies and TV." 

Stop by the library and take a look at our blu-ray collection! And feel free to put in a request if you don't see what you want on the shelves.


*These discs play ONLY on devices made specifically for the Blu-ray format; they don't work with your regular DVD player.


Issue Playing Blu-ray Discs

I have experienced issues with our NAD Blu-ray player not being able to play any discs (Blu-ray or DVD) due to the circular security rings on top of the media. A PC DVD drive successful plays (reads) standard definition DVD titles from the library but I have yet to find a drive or player that can successfully read or play the Blu-ray titles from the library. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If not, can you specify the device or hardware solution that is working for you?

Great to have Blu-rays

This is great and will become more useful as the collection grows.


Great collection.. No need of redbox or netflix.. :)