Inspire @ the Library

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 by LibraryAdministration

Public art at Morgan Hill Library's 5th birthday party!
Photo of Scape Martinez

On Saturday, hundreds of us came to the Morgan Hill Library to attend a birthday party. The “new” library celebrated its 5th birthday. One special moment was the unveiling of the murals by Bay Area artist, Scape Martinez. The mural series, Inspire, makes a vibrant statement on the walls of the teen space in the Library.

I overheard one woman at the unveiled mural art saying it gave her chills and I understood what she meant. Art has an emotional power, and these murals do pack a punch. Like a jolt of electricity, the colors and forms convey a barely contained energy.

Scape (Screaming Creative And Positive Energy) has created public art around the bay area and is recognized for his roots in abstract expressionism and graffiti art.  The public art was funded by donations from the Friends of the Morgan Hill Library and is a culmination of commissioned artwork that is on display inside and outside the building.

I find that art and public libraries share a spirit of creativity, self-discovery, connection, and inspiration. The best art, as the ideas in our libraries, challenge us to think and see in new ways. Thank you to the Friends of the Morgan Hill Library for a legacy that will do just that.

-Nancy Howe, Acting County Librarian

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