Full listing of our library staff blogs

4ever Learning

I blog about kids stuff, movies, the Milpitas Library, and things of general interest.

Alice & Joanie B. by Laurenjoan

I blog about children's stories, activities, and adventures by Chicken Fashion Nation.

Chew on This

I blog about food, cooking, nutrition, health (related to nutrition), and the slow food movement.

Discoveries & Diversions

I blog about library materials old and new, bestselling and obscure, and about the love of reading.

Don's Multimedia Madness

I blog about movies, music, science fiction, & LGBTQ literature.

Early Literacy

We blog about early literacy, resources for parents and caregivers, and the Every Child Ready to Read program.

eBooks & eContent

We blog about downloadable books, magazines, music as well as online databases and reference works.

In The Muse

I blog about the classical music scene, theater and  documentary movies.

Jazzy Jottings

I blog about baseball, religion, California history, blues & jazz , book clubs, & local authors

Jennifer's Good Stuff for Families & Kids

I blog about parenting, early literacy, and children's literature.  I also blog about the joy of reading.

Krose’s CaBlog

I blog about hidden library gems like Freegal, practice tests in databases, and wiring diagrams.

Know Howe

I am the County Librarian, and I blog about library news, art, reading, and flamingo sightings.

Laura's Lists

I blog about teen lit, snakes & other animals, politics, and classical music. 

Library Administration

We blog about the library in general.

Lisa Loves

I blog about the things I love—children’s literature, Campbell activities, knitting, sewing, jewelry making, and baking.

Lora Librarian

I blog about genealogy, travel, electronic resources, cooking & baking, cinema, small business.

Maya Talks Teen Titles

I blog about tween and teen novels, teen books that became movies, teen books/movies-inspired fashion (ex: Hot Topic), teen book-inspired recipes, and music playlists to go along with teen books.

Miss Gina Blogs

I blog about health, music, movies, video games.

Morgan Hill Kids

We blog about kids books and programs.

Morgan Hill Teens

We blog about teen stuff.

Nam Libero Tempore

I blog about hidden treasures in the library

New History Books

I blog about new books on historical topics.

On The Road with The Bookmobile

I blog about bookmobiles, readers advisory, and miscellany.

Oui, Shoshana

I blog about books (mostly fiction), music (mostly indie), movies (all sorts), knitting, and other assorted things that make me happy.

PlaneTree Health and Medical Information

We blog about resources for you and your family’s health & happiness.

Reading Program 

We blog about reading and literacy.

Robyn's Bibliomania

I blog about books of all shapes and sizes! I read YA novels, classic literature and everything in between.

Sarah's Graphic Novel Shelf

My blog is a weekly spotlight on cool titles and news about new incoming books.

See Jane Read

I blog about science and technology, DIY, hack/make, design, typography, and art. 

Smart Investing News

We blog about personal financial planning, financial literacy, and investing.

Tamara's Tidbits

I blog about kids, books, movies, climbing, knitting, cooking and baking, and anything else that catches my interest. 

This Is The Blog That Books Built

I blog about teen fiction, anime, comics and other delightful things.

Time Out

I blog about the things I do in my time out:  gaming, cooking, reading, TV, and movies

Vampires, Werewolves, and Angels, OH MY!

I blog about teen literature & crafts.


I blog about wonders real and amazing, particularly narrative nonfiction, history & world affairs, cooking, nature, travel, and all things anglophiliac.