Your Library Card & Borrowing

Who is eligible to receive a free, full access Santa Clara County Library card?

How do I verify my current address?

How do I renew my library card?

What about students who live outside the district but attend a school inside the district?

What does a non-district resident library card cost?

How do I pay for a card?

May I share my library card with others?

How many items may I borrow on the card?

Will I be able to use the library computers without buying a card?

What about wireless?

How do I determine whether I live in the Santa Clara County Library District?

Where can I receive help with my questions about Interlibrary Loan?

How do I check on the status of my Interlibrary Loan?

Can I renew my Interlibrary Loan item?

What is Interlibrary Loan?