What subjects are offered?

Live Tutoring, Homework Help and Skill Building is available for students in grades K – Adult Learners in the following subjects:

  • Math, including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus

  • Science, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science

  • Social Studies, including US History, and World History

  • English/Language Arts

    1. Writing Assistance consists of three components:

      1. Live writing assistance during the initial stages of the writing process to help students with organizational structure, idea trees, general conceptual hierarchy, etc.

      2. State-aligned skills building exercises that challenge students to respond to a series of writing prompts and short exercises.

      3. 24-Hour Writing Lab

    2. Reading Comprehension/Grammar/Vocabulary Skills Building through one-on-one sessions that draw from our library of state-aligned reading passages and questions.

    3. English Literature

  • Spanish Language Help